aircraft rc-2


Familiarize yourself by having fun with model plane controls in one of three game modes.

In free flight mode, try to turn landings into acrobatics with one of the Eight planes, including a seaplane that you can land on the water at the edge of the track. Most are equipped with shutters, landing gear, camera, smoke, and some also have specific equipment (water tank, guns, parachutes, bombs, missiles).

In challenge mode, try to obtain medals by completing different objectives for each plane (flying through doors, putting out fires or dropping objects on the target, shooting at the target). More or less difficult tests that will help you gradually get used to each plane.

In pursuit mode, try to cut the banner of the plane in front of you and graze the headband several times with your propellers to score a maximum of points, but it will not always be easy.

You can also choose left or right hand controls and activate aids such as the compass, trails to memorize the challenges, and zoom for a better outside view of the plane.

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